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We are glad to announce that both Puffins and Razorbills’ classes have both signed up as users of the new schools’ social media site, Edmodo.

Following on from information from the government that the whole curriculum is changing, the school is continuing to provide the right tools for children to succeed by letting them use Edmodo to discuss work, save pieces to continue at home, answer quizzes regarding work they have done, and give their opinions on activities to peers and teachers.

With its Facebook-style interface, Edmodo has been a roaring success in many schools, and our children here at Starcross love it, as they can discuss school-related topics safely (it is not public domain), whilst at the same time developing their skills with a wide variety of media. It is great practice for their future in terms of how they use technology to enhance learning, and the school is already reaping the benefits of its use, as all children involved are using it to further their writing and research skills as well.

At a recent meeting for parents at school, one of the school’s Digital Leaders, Josh Page, showed parents how he used the site, and we even saw children using it live as the meeting was proceeding. Parents gave some lovely feedback, and it was good to see that parents were extremely interested in the ways in which they could not only support, but also monitor their child’s e-safety.

If you have a child in Puffins or Razorbills class, and would like to sign up as a parent, then please do the following:

1. Look at your child’s Edmodo page, and copy down the parent code on the left of the screen (lower down)

2. Go to www.edmodo.com and click on the “I am a parent” button.

3. Enter the parent code and your basic details (no more will ever be asked for) and proceed

4. You will then be able to see every post that your child makes on the site, and be able to share the activities that they are undertaking.

For any other help, please use the help section on www.edmodo.com as there are lots of really useful “How to” documents which are absolutely crystal clear, even for beginners.

I have also set up an Edmodo support group on the website, so once you are logged on as a parent, please click on the “join a group” button and input the code for parents which is 76wc67. You will then be able to post comments here yourself if there are any questions you wish to ask.

By the way, the help section also has a “how to” document to help you join a group.

We are really excited about this new addition to our computing curriculum, and hope that you will see its benefits too. Below is a basic code of conduct for children to follow when using Edmodo.

code of conduct

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