Easter Egg Experiment in Kittiwakes!

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During the Spring Term, we have been learning about EVERYDAY MATERIALS in our Science lessons. We have really enjoyed this topic and we have learned so much about many different materials.

On Monday 20th March, we began conducting an experiment in our classroom. We got into groups of 4 to wrap and package chocolate Easter eggs! Our plan was to send these eggs through the post. We wanted to see if we had used our knowledge of materials to protect eggs carefully enough, so that when they were delivered back to our school by the postman, they were still in one oval piece!

We worked carefully and thoughtfully with the other children in our group to protect our eggs. We took the experiment very seriously and didn’t even try to eat any of the chocolate while we were working! There were seven groups cautiously wrapping the eggs, but unfortunately, one egg got broken before we had finished packaging it! Luckily Miss Lax had purchased a spare chocolate egg, just in case!!!

Each group were given a different material to protect their eggs, such as bubble wrap, tissues, cotton wool pads, paper towels, tissue paper, kitchen roll and wrapping paper. Three groups sent their eggs in padded envelopes and the other 4 used regular A5 envelopes. The children addressed each parcel themselves and added some pictures to the outside of the parcels to make them look nice!

We made predictions about how many of the eggs we thought would return to school without being damaged. We were very optimistic with 15 of us thinking all seven would come back intact, and only one of us thought they would all be broken!

Mrs Grocock took the packages to Kenton Post Office last Monday afternoon and the eggs speedily arrived back at school just two days later.

During our Science lesson on Monday 27th March, we opened our parcels and discussed the results. Five of our eggs came back without getting broken! The most protective materials were bubble wrap and kitchen roll. The least protective material seemed to be the tissue paper. The padded envelopes offered extra safety. Three of the children correctly predicted that 5 eggs would not get broken in the post. These children were given one of the eggs to take home as a prize!

We have clearly used our knowledge of materials very well and each of us are going to enjoy a yummy Cadbury’s Crème Egg as reward for all our hard work. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our Science experiment and that you have a very HAPPY EASTER!






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