E-Safety Seminars – Safeguard your child!

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Dear all

As you know, safeguarding is incredibly important to all of us here.

With technology advancing, unfortunately, so are the methods with which your children can be compromised potentially. The internet is a world of wonder, information and potential learning, but but all users need to be able to do so safely.

We already teach E-safety to the children as part of the taught curriculum, however it is important that you as parents and carers also know of the potential threats that exist, and of course how to make sure that your child is safe when they are accessing the internet. We are not always looking over their shoulder, especially with the older children, and it is  vital that we all have the relevant safeguards in place to make sure that they do not allow themselves to be placed in any danger whatsoever.

To help you, we are running two workshops for parents on the following dates:

2nd February 2017 in the school hall at 5pm

7th February 2017 in the school hall at 5pm

You will notice we are repeating the session, in order that as many of you can attend as possible. I have obviously seen the content of this seminar, and I have to say, anyone who attends will most definitely not only learn something new, but will have their eyes opened regarding the importance of this type of safeguarding.

We hope to see you there!

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