Drama Delights!

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Congratulations to drama club for putting on such a magical show! Audiences were delighted with their musical performance of Shrek.

As we all know, a performance like this doesn’t just happen. Behind the scenes all those involved work tirelessly to bring such a show to the audience. Well done to all the children who gave their time, energy and enthusiasm for learning their lines, their dances, the songs, their cues, where to be on the stage, costumes and props etc.

Similarly, well done to Mrs Corline and Mrs Watson for all their hard work as directors, producers and stage management, guiding the children to such a successful show.

Feedback from those lucky enough to be in the audience has been incredibly positive. All that hard work really paid off! Great job!

Starcross one day, West End the next!

Thanks to Miss Lax for taking pictures and also to all those parents who helped the children during the process.










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