Digesting learning in Avocets!

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In Science, in Avocets currently, we are learning about the digestive system. Rather than simply looking in books to understand the process of what happens inside our bodies, what better way to learn that by creating our own digestive system!

The children started by chopping up their food (crackers and a banana). We discussed the teeth that would do this (also part of our Science unit). We discussed the function of our saliva (water) and made an oesophagus tube to pour the food down into the stomach (a plastic sandwich bag). Inside the stomach was some acid waiting to break down the food further (orange juice). We had actually already learnt about the acid in orange juice from our ‘eggs/teeth’ experiment so it was good to refer back to it.

Following this, the food travelled into the small intestine (tights) where the nutrients flooded out on their way to the liver and our bloodstream, before the final stages of the digestive system, waste products! Yes, we discussed this too in amongst the giggling and laughing!

It was great fun watching the children’s’ facial expressions whilst experimenting – some of which you’ll see in the photos! The learning about the different parts of the system and how they work though was great. Well done Avocets!



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