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As you are aware, many of our teachers took part in a remote, print workshop during the spring term, organised by DAISI and funded by the Helen Foundation.

This very successful workshop has inspired other local artists to develop their remote, teaching skills, so that other schools and practices can benefit from this way of working.

As a special thanks to us, from DAISI, we were offered two free workshops last Friday 18th June. 

Curlews had two artists (Jess and James) visit them to spend the day wet felting. Children were able to learn the technique of joining felt together by water, soap and friction. They all made a beautiful underwater scene to take home. They also had an opportunity to make a supersized, group picture of the hedgerow. Children drew the animals that could be found in a hedge and then printed leaves and flowers over the top. Look out for these giant pictures around the school!

Razorbills had two musicians in for the day (Laura and Lyndon). Children had the opportunity to learn about rhythm using percussion instruments. Children were able to try out and use a huge range of musical instruments. They had the chance to write their own lyrics and perform it to the music they had made.

We are so lucky to have had the chance for these children to have these experiences. 

As you know we regularly work alongside DAISI who provide us with brilliant artists and workshops at different times during the year. Look out for us using them again, next school year in your child’s class.

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