Curlews Stover trip!

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Last week, the Curlews visited Stover Country Park. We spent the day taking part in activities organised by the Ranger, Jo. We learned lots about the different habitats around the area, including the marshland, lake, and the deciduous and coniferous woodland, as well as learning about the plants and animals that live there. We even walked round with a mirror on our noses, so that we could see what was happening in the tops of the trees! We also tried pond dipping. We found lots of different species which lived in the water. We also saw lots of different animals around the lake, including some fluffy cygnets and a lot of squirrels! The children have been thinking about these habitats back in school, and have thought about different food chains for each habitat. We had a great day, and enjoyed being out in the fresh air on such a hot day.

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