Curlews Poetry Winners!

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Have you ever thought about all the things that happen to a tree in its lifetime? People climb them, creatures dig under their roots, run through their branches or build nests in them. What happens to a tree over a year, in each different season? Imagine how it feels to be out in all that weather! What would the trees tell us if they could talk? In Literacy, the Curlews wrote poems where they asked questions to trees. Some of our poems were entered in a competition organised by the Somerset Literacy Network, and recently, we had some very exciting news. Two children’s poems from Curlews were chosen by the judges. The judges, Sarah Cook and Annie Fisher, visited the class to announce the winners, and to read the poems aloud. Riley won third place and was given a certificate. Rosalie won first place, and was given a certificate, a framed copy of her poem and a poetry book. All of the Curlews’ poems are on display in the red corridor, so come and have a read! Maybe you will think about trees a bit differently from now on.

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