Crime Scene Investigates! Science Week Post 9…

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Something terrible happened overnight. There was a heinous crime at school. Someone had vandalised the piano. Who had done it? Who was guilty?

Across Wednesday and Thursday, the children from Year 1-6 became crime scene investigators. They had a list of suspects and had to use the clues available to try and figure out who was the culprit. Would the detectives be able to solve this baffling case?

Kittiwakes were the first forensic scientists on the scene who started the process. They were analysing some of the soil and powder left at the scene. This was built on by the Curlews to were also analysing substances, the drink that was left and looking at finger prints. Oystercatchers and Avocets came next and analysed leaves as the guilty person had been to the woods. Due to this, they also analysed the tread on footwear to narrow down the suspects. Also, the culprit had left invisible messages in code! Then finally, Razorbills and Puffins finished off the detecting and discovered that the guilty person was…

Mr. Cross!

It was a fabulous experience for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed being crime scene investigators.

Huge thanks to our two teacher trainees, Miss Wildgoose and Miss Kerfoot, for organising and setting up this wonderful activity for the children. It was a unique experience, which they all loved!

Please enjoy the photos below.

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