Colourful learning in Oystercatchers

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In Oystercatchers this week we have been learning about Tartan – the colourful patterns that make up some traditional Scottish clothing.

We learned about kilts, sporrans, sgian dubhs, bonnets, ghillies, and tartan flashings. See if your child can remember or explain what they are!
We also looked up our own surnames and those of other members of our family to see if we have a clan tartan – Mr Collett’s is the Keith tartan – what was yours? Go to and “search your surname” to see if you have one.

We also designed our own tartans using the same website – you can choose your own colours and thread count to magically “weave” your own tartan pattern. We used our Computer skills to take a screen shot, copy and paste into a Word document and add a description.

Look out for our “Lively Weaver” stories coming soon…

Pen Licences and Workers of the Week

Well done to Molly and Cosimo who have both been awarded their Pen Licences!

Oliver and Ani have been our most recent Workers of the Week for the effort they have been putting into their written work – and have both enjoyed sitting on the special reward cushion all week.


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