Year 5 (Razorbills)

Razorbills Class Autumn Term 2019 Curriculum letter.

We hope that the information below will give you a picture of what will be going on in Razorbills Class this term. Miss Jackson will usually be teaching Puffins Class all day on Mondays, and on Tuesday mornings until break time. Mrs Vanderford will be in class from Tuesday break time onwards.

Our topic theme this term is ‘The Americas’. Our main focus on this topic will be in History, Geography, Art and Technology, but we will also be making connections across our work in other subjects.


We will begin the term looking at a short story called ‘The Mouth-organ Boys’. We have been learning and remembering the text, and will be working on writing our own stories using a similar structure. Our aim is to remember and apply all the Literacy skills we have learnt so far! Later in the term we will be completing units of work in non-fiction and poetry, making connections with our topic theme of ‘The Americas’.

The children will have regular opportunities to read independently, as well as Guided Reading sessions working in a small group with an adult. All the children will take their ‘Star Test’ for Accelerated Reader and choose a book from their reading range. We will be reviewing their quiz results at regular intervals.

Even if your child is a confident reader now it is important to continue hearing them read as often as you can. Ask them questions about what they have read and talk about their choice of reading books. You could also ask how they are getting on with their Accelerated Reading quizzes. Handwriting continues to be a focus for us this year, so it would be helpful if you could remind your child about forming letters correctly and trying to join their writing (especially when they are completing homework!). We will be sending handwriting homework sheets this term, which will show you the letter formations and joins we teach in school.


This term we will begin with Number Sense, developing our understanding of place value and rounding. We will also focus on times tables, making sure that we have a secure knowledge of these as they are very helpful in lots of our other work. Later in the term we will cover Additive Reasoning, practising formal written methods and solving problems; Multiplicative Reasoning, identifying multiples and factors and solving problems in a range of contexts; and Geometric Reasoning, particularly 2D shapes and angles.

Please support your child by helping them to have a sound knowledge of number facts and times tables. Please also remind them to regularly complete their DoodleMaths. They will also have maths homework which you can help with.

Science This half term we will be learning more about The Earth and Space; including day and night, eclipses, moon phases, stars, planets and our solar system. We will be visiting the Norman Lockyer observatory in Sidmouth to support our Earth and Space work. After half term, we will be learning about forces; including friction, air resistance and water resistance.

Please help by relating the topics to everyday life, and supporting your child in finding out extra information.


We will be using the internet to support our topic work on The Americas, and will be using word processing programmes to create tourist brochures. We will also be exploring digital images, learning about how to choose and edit images. In addition, we will be continuing to explore e-safety.

If your child has access to a computer, they could develop confidence by practising keyboard skills and exploring different programs. If you do not have Internet access at home the computers at school are often free immediately after the end of school, which would be a good time to work on them with your child.


We will be learning about the Mayan civilisation in about 900AD. We will learn about the Ancient Mayan beliefs and how they survived in a challenging climate.

Please talk to your child about what they have learnt.


Our Geography topics are ‘The USA’ and ‘Brazil’. We will be learning about geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography in these two places, including climate zones and urbanisation. We will be comparing The USA and Brazil to what we know about the UK.


Our theme is ‘How should we live and who can inspire us?’ We will be learning about the lives of inspirational people such as Martin Luther King, Helen Keller and Abraham Lincoln and thinking about how their actions might inspire us.

Please encourage your child to think about different points of view and beliefs and continue to develop their own ideas.


During the first half of term we will be improving our teamwork skills in Outdoor and Adventurous activities and practising our Gymnastics. After half term we will be developing confidence in Invasion Games, specifically Basketball, and developing our Dance vocabulary.

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school at all times, and check that their P.E. shoes are the right size.

Art and Design

Our Art topic is ‘Pattern’, which we will be linking to our topic this term, looking at Mayan patterns and creating our own inspired by these. We may also explore some other art skills as part of our topic work.

We are in need of some new painting aprons. Old adults’ shirts or t-shirts are perfect if you have any to spare.

Design and Technology

We will be exploring the food of the Americas and perhaps making some Americas inspired food for ourselves.


During the first half of term we will be thinking about ‘New Beginnings’, exploring the changes that take place as we move through school and thinking about our new responsibilities. After half term our topic is ‘Getting on and falling out’.


The children will be developing their music skills with Miss Jackson. Later in the term, we will be learning songs for a Christmas performance.

Talk to your child about the music they hear at home, and encourage them to begin forming their own opinions about what music they like and why.


Miss Jackson will be taking Puffins Class for French this term. They will start by reviewing what they already know and practising basic vocabulary.


Your child will have weekly homework, which as far as possible will be set on Friday and handed in on Wednesday. The homework will cover a range of different areas, including reading, Maths or Literacy activities and activities linked to the topics we are studying. The children will also be expected to regularly access DoodleMaths and keep their weekly DoodleStar target will be 50 stars. Please support your child in these activities as far as possible and enjoy sharing your own experiences with them.


Thank you, Mrs Vanderford