Year 3 (Oystercatchers)

Autumn Term 2019


Topic for the term

This term we are studying Scotland – starting out by looking at the location and notable geography of the country, then looking at history, food, traditions, music, dance and clothing. All of our literacy this term will be linked to the topic, and we will be studying some traditional Scottish tales before writing our own versions of them. We will also spend a week each on Hallowe’en, Remembrance Day and Bonfire Night, where we will be composing different forms of poetry for each.



In maths we are continuing to revise our number knowledge including counting in steps of 4, 8, 50 and 100. We will also be working on partitioning and place value. Later in the term we will continue to work on methods of calculation.

Please use Doodle Maths as much as possible – as with the reading, 10 minutes per day is ideal and better than one longer session per week. We set an expectation of 50 Doodlestars per week for the children.

We also have started Times Tables Rock Stars – you should have had a letter about this previously which has their login details. We set an expectation of 300 coins per week for this.

If there are internet or computer access problems at home, the children are able to use the computer suite in school from 8:50 to 9:15am on Mondays and 12:00 to 12:30 on Wednesdays.



Our PE this term includes gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. PE is on a Tuesday and a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child has full PE kit on these days and if they wear earrings, that they are able to remove them or have brought in some tape to cover them (we unfortunately cannot supply any tape, nor can we put it over the children’s earrings ourselves).


Other topics

In art this term we have already looked at some of the sculptures of Michelangelo, and now we have moved onto landscape painting using Scotland as our theme. We will also be designing (with paper and on the computers) our own tartans. Science this term is all about humans and other animals, with a focus on nutrition and health. After half-term we will begin learning about forces through experiments with magnets and springs.



Please continue to hear your child read at home and talk about what they have read. Around 5 to 10 minutes per day is ideal, and better than spending a longer time reading once per week. Please talk with your children about the books to ensure they understand as well as can read aloud.

Some of the children are now using the Accelerated Reader system and are taking scored tests on their books so it is important they understand the books they have chosen. We aim to have all the children in the class onto AR by the end of the year.

The children are asked to leave their reading books and records at the front of the classroom every morning when they need changing – if they forget to bring their books in we cannot change them!



Spellings will be tested individually on a rota. Each day of the week 6 children will be tested on the next 5 words from the spellings list that they spelled incorrectly in the test at the start of term. They will bring home a sheet with the spellings to be learned, on which they can write it out each day (using a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method) and also write the word in a sentence to ensure they understand it. They will then be tested the following week (on the same day) and if they get their spellings correct, they will be issued the next 5 words. If they get any wrong, the words will be given as homework again.



Homework will be starting next week and will usually be issued on a Thursday to come back the following Tuesday or Wednesday. There is a grid of other activities stuck into the children’s homework books, on which you will be able to see all the homework activities right to the end of term. There will always be instructions, and the activities will usually be based on things covered in class. Again the computer suite is available if the children require the internet or a computer to complete their homework.


Many thanks!

Mr Collett.