Class Information

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We are very fortunate here at Starcross to have single classes for each of the year groups, from Reception right through to year 6. Wherever possible, the school will always try to keep class sizes in mixed age classes down to the lowest numbers possible. The maximum number allowed in a Key Stage 1 class is 30.

We have a music specialist in school, who delivers high quality music lessons to children, and classes enjoy, wherever appropriate and necessary, support from teaching assistants.

We pride ourselves at the school on the quality of the teaching, and the wonderful range of opportunities that the children are given to learn in every area of the curriculum.

We always say that the best way to see this is to come and visit us, and see for yourself! The doors are always open, and all visitors get a very special welcome.

Enjoy these samples of our children’s work.

The Dreamtime ….

This fascinating artwork illustrates the Aboriginal creation myth. Working with teacher Helen Brayley-Wilson the artwork was also used on screen as a backdrop to the dance performance on stage at the Raise OUR Game concert.

Self Portrait by Reception child.

Rocket Ship at Night by Reception Child

Queen Hatchepsut by Year 6 child

Skater Boy by Year 5 Child

Puppet Design by Year 1 Child