What Children Have Said About the School

We recently interviewed a cross-section of children from each class about their attitudes to school and learning. We also asked them about what they thought we did well at Starcross Primary School. Here are some of their responses:

What Do You Like Most About School?

“I really like Literacy best, because I like writing.” – Poppy, Year 2

“I like school trips the best, like the handball festival that we just went on.” –Oliver, Year 4

“I like all of the teachers here. They really help us.” – Leighum, Year 4

“We have lots of fun with the teacher.” – Anna, Year 5

“ICT definitely, because we work together and I love computers.” – Adrian , Year 6

“Getting involved with friends and having extra responsibilities.” –Sam, Year 6

“Coming to Mr. Ireland with good work, and my teachers because they are good teachers and they give me hard work.” – Casey, Year 1

How Well Do You Think We Deal With Bad Behaviour At School?

“Very well, because we deal with things in a fair way.” – Joseph, Year 5

“Very well, because we always sort things out quickly without arguments.” – Anna, Year 5

“Pretty well because the 5 sanction stages are very useful.” – Aidan, Year 5

“Good, because teachers always listen and talk things through well.” – Leighum, Year 5

How Well Do You Think We Celebrate What You Do Well At School?

“I think you do it well because teachers really show they like it and I think that all children appreciate that.” – Megan, Year 4

“very well, with the gold stickers and worker of the week certificates. My best day is Friday because of the happy assembly.” – Oliver, Year 4

When we deserve being told well done, we are. The teachers are good at it.” – James, Year 2