Current Affairs Forum

As you will know from reading the section on the school council, the children play a highly important role in the development of the school. To enable them to speak further and discuss important issues, they are allowed to attend a weekly Current Affairs Forum in the school hall.

Led usually by the children, the children are asked questions on various topical themes, and are allowed time to listen to the opinions of others and offer their own opinions on relevant matters. Previous topics of debate have included:

  • Staying safe
  • Internet safety
  • How late should children be allowed to stay up?
  • Firework safety
  • Conflict with other countries
  • Slavery through history and in modern times (a fantastic forum led by Mr. Cannonier, a parent, and his son, Oliver)

Led By Mr. Rolinson, the children are always encouraged to take the microphone and offer their opinion sensitively and carefully, with thought to the feelings of others an important part of the proceedings.

This is a tremendous vehicle for developing speaking and listening skills, and has been invaluable in developing the children’s socially and emotionally. Although the topics are sometimes light-hearted, the children take it seriously and they have provided some insightful, relevant discussions which have developed their understanding of the world around them.

As a Devon Healthy School , we were acclaimed for the Current Affairs Forum, and this model has been passed on to other schools as an example of excellent practice. Recent OFSTED inspectors also heralded this as a great model of excellence in delivering key messages.