We are extremely proud of the children’s achievement in school, but we also offer an extensive, all-year-round programme of clubs and societies that the children can take part in both during the school day and after school, enabling them to try out a new activity that may not normally be offered as part of the normal curriculum.

The clubs on offer for 2017 – 2018 are as follows:

Starcross Primary School

letter to parents re clubs 6th November 2017 (1)

Clubs for 2017-2018

Club Day Who For Run By Time

Card Club

KS1 Art

KS2 Art

Film Club






Tuesday (Jan 18)



Year 5 & 6

Yr 3/4/5 & 6

Yr 1 & 2

Yr 3/4/5 & 6

Yr 3/4/5 & 6

Yr 3/4/5 & 6

Miss Mann

Miss Jackson

Miss Hurst

Mrs Vanderford

Mr Ireland

Exeter City (external and charges apply)


Lunch time

Lunch time


Puffins Class


These activities change regularly, depending on the season and whether staff are able to run clubs. All clubs are run on a voluntary basis by the teachers, and we are highly insistent that the behaviour of the children is of the highest standard when they attend the clubs. We reserve the right at any time to discontinue any child’s membership of a club where they do not behave.

We welcome the help of parents and carers at after-school clubs, and we have no problem with parents running clubs in conjunction with staff, as long as the parents or carers are willing to be checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service in order to safeguard the children and adults during these clubs. If you have an interest that you feel might benefit the children, then please feel free to contact the school and offer your services.