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We were delighted to hear that the children who went to St. Luke’s Sports Academy in Exeter last Friday had not only enjoyed a fantastic day of sports activities, but had also learned quite a lot about the human body, and what they could do to keep it staying healthy.

The five boys, who have been chosen due to their particular strengths in the area of P.E. and sport, took part in the day’s education as part of a programme of sessions that they will receive throughout the year. Having already concentrated on nutrition, the attention was turned to the muscles of the body, and after a thorough session on how to stretch properly, they were taught about the different muscle groups and which sports required which groups to be developed more.

Upon their return, they came into assembly to tell the rest of the school all about their lovely day’s learning, and we were just as delighted to hear from the organisers that they had been given a special mention about their behaviour. We were delighted that they had upheld the Starcross tradition of excellent behaviour, and look forward to the next session. Well done, boys!

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