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Dear All

I am thrilled to be writing to you in order to tell you that our new breakfast club will be starting in the first week back in the autumn term (Wednesday, 4th September).

The breakfast club will be run by Miss Houghton and Mrs. Stockham, and as long as numbers dictate that it is viable to do so, will run on every day that school is open in the academic year.

Although more information (including a full handbook and registration forms) is going to follow between today (17th July) and the end of term next week, the basic information is as follows:


Breakfast club will run from 7.45 a.m. until the start of the school day, in the school hall.

Children will be collected at the fire door to the hall and admitted once they have been checked against the list of parents who have paid in advance.


Once admitted, children will have a choice of breakfast items, including :

  • Toast with butter, Marmite, jam or honey toppings
  • Choice of cereals (specific dietary requirements will be catered for) or porridge
  • milk, juice or water to drink

Breakfast will not be served after 8.25 a.m., so if your child is brought at this time or later, you will need to make sure they have eaten.


Once children are finished with breakfast, they will be allowed to take part in quiet, table-based activities or other quiet  floor-based activities, including board games and other collaborative activities. If they prefer quiet activities on their own, they can choose to undertake these.

At 8.50 a.m. children will be escorted to their classes, with the very youngest preschool children taken to preschool for 9.00 a.m.

Who Can Attend?

The breakfast club is open to all Starcross pupils, including preschool pupils who are toilet trained. Children MUST be toilet trained to attend the breakfast club and will not be allowed to attend if this is not the case.

No children from other schools will attend.


The cost will be £4.00 per session. This is a flat rate, irrespective of the time that your child starts each morning.


This is a cashless system, and all payments will be made, in advance, via the School Money App.

Nobody will be admitted without booking in advance, and parents have until midnight the night before to book. There will be no exceptions to this at all.

Any cancellations (up to 24 hours in advance) will leave your payment in your School Money account, unless you specifically ask for a refund.

You will be able to book ahead (preferred if using in longer term) and also book one-off sessions via the School Money App.

Feedback from the questionnaires sent out indicates that there is a definite need, however the school would like to point out that parents still have the choice to use the child minders who work within the village. We are merely responding to the feedback you provided, and giving you the option to choose us if you wish.

Of course, the continuation of the breakfast club will depend on the continued usage, and whether or not numbers can sustain its continuation. Whilst the school is not looking at making any huge profits from this service, we will have to close it if numbers do not make it a viable enterprise. You will be notified in plenty of time if the eventuality aver arose where this was needed.


As this is to be run by the school, for you, we will still have the same expectations on behaviour that we always have, and the school’s behaviour policy will still apply. We will still reward the children for polite, kind and helpful behaviour, and we will still expect that children follow the school rules. We will reserve the right to refuse admission of any child whom we believe is compromising the welfare and safety of the other children and the setting through poor behaviour. This is non-negotiable.

I hope that you are as excited as we are about this fantastic new service, which will be a lot of fun for your children. It will give you not only peace of mind that on busy days they will eat a hearty breakfast, but that they will also be able to start the school day in a calm manner, and with continuing, valuable consistency.


All parents and carers who want to, or might use the service, must be registered with the setting, and no child will be admitted without having had a registration form filled in and returned to Mrs. Davey in the school office. Even if you do not wish to use the service straight away, your child will need to be registered beforehand. This will help us also with knowing how many children potentially we have. The maximum number each day is 24. if numbers reach 24, you will not be able to pay for your session as we will be full.

Please follow the link below to the registration form, which you can download, fill in, and return. The handbook is also available for you below, which basically explains the contents of this post.

If you are wishing to use the service from 4th September, please make sure that you return your registration form before next Tuesday, when the school closes for the summer.

No child will be admitted if data is missing from the registration form.

All registration forms will be kept in secure, locked storage.

Breakfast club registration form 2019


Kind Regards

Iannis Ireland

Head Teacher



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