Beauty and the Beast

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Lights! Camera! Action! What a performance! What a night!

Well done to Drama Club for yet another knock out performance. The children had clearly practised and learnt all their lines, cues, songs, actions and did a fantastic job entertaining the crowds. The school was treated to their performance during the afternoon. Then, parents and carers were able to come and enjoy the evening performance.

The evening performance was a little emotional at the end as this was the last drama play by Mrs Corline who has been the Director and Producer for so many years. 14 years in fact Mrs Corline has been at this school! She was surprised by some of the children performing ‘So Long, Farewell.’ The staff also wanted to say a few words but found it difficult showing just how much Mrs Corline will be missed and how much she means to all of us here at Starcross Primary School. It definitely brought a lump to the throat but this performance was a fitting end to such a tradition of great drama. They really finished on a high!

Thank you to everyone for their support.

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