Avocets Science!

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There have been many Science experiments going on in Avocets in the past couple of weeks as part of out States of Matter topic.

Last week we started with looking at reversible changes and what better way to do this than to involve chocolate 🙂 We experimented to see who had the warmest hands in Avocets, discussing fair testing in depth. We decided that the chocolate had to be picked up at the same time, held in the same hand, have the same size chocolate, same type of chocolate, same temperature etc. The melted chocolate was a reversible change because it turned into a liquid but could be changed back into a solid again. The photo with the hands up is to make sure we all started at the same time!

After this, the children also had a look at an irreversible change with Mrs Brayley looking at making plastic from milk! Once this had been formed, it couldn’t change back into milk again, making it an irreversible change.

This week, we were having a look at air… or not looking at it as it is invisible. So, to demonstrate how air can affect things, we made paper spirals and held them over a heat source (with adult supervision) to watch what happened. The paper spirals started spinning as if by magic! The science is that hot air rises and as it does, it moves the paper making it spin.

Finally, we experimented to look at water molecules and how they try to keep their bonds with surface tension. we did this by seeing how many drops of water we could fit onto a 2p coin. The individual droplets formed a mini dome showing the water molecules trying to hold onto each other. Then, when we linked the drops to form a dome over the whole coin, the molecules were still trying to hold onto each other. You can see this in the slideshow. We will be using our data as part of Maths analysing the table of results and forming a graph.


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