Avocets research – Is slime a solid or a liquid?

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For Halloween and our Science introduction to the new topic of States of Matter, we studied the research question: ‘Slime. A solid or a liquid?’ In order to try and answer the question, we obviously needed to make slime! 🙂

The children did really well to make the slime that they did as there was a bit of a malfunction in the recipe! So digging deep, they managed to find a solution to the problem, which meant the slime was more like a Plasticine slime but still did the job of asking questions about solids and liquids.

There was lots of discussion about whether it was more like a solid or a liquid and that it seemed to have the properties of both… a discussion we will be continuing in our next Science lesson.

Alongside this, the children made a cornflour mixture to look at whether this was a solid or a liquid too.

Many thanks to Millie in Year 6 and Mrs Brayley for their help across the afternoon.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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