Avocets magically conjuring magic!

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Hocus pocus! Abracdabra! Wingardium leviosa!

Today in Avocets, we were treated to the conjuring delights of the famous magician Merlin! Some people who have been to the PTFA arranged show, will have seen Merlin before.


We were treated with some magic tricks to start with. STILL… wondering where that wand disappeared to…

We then learnt about the history of magic, optical illusions and how Science and Maths can be used to help create tricks.  There is evidence of magic dating back to Ancient Egyptian times!

Next, we learnt some tricks ourselves using playing cards. As you can see from the photos, we had a good practise at these tricks and will make sure we perfect them.

Then astonishingly, out of a previously empty tube came some multi-coloured scarves. Out of those scarves, came a snowy-white dove much to the delight of all of us!

It was great fun! Many thanks to Merlin for coming in and giving us his magical time! Please enjoy the photos below.


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