Avocets kick start the Summer Term with underwater S.T.E.M

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For the start of the Summer Term and our new topic on habitats, we had a couple of S.T.E.M days looking at creatures that have their own light.

We started with some research on the computers (technology) to see the variety of creatures that do produce their own light and what they looked like. We also had a look at their dimensions to use some of our maths on measurement. Then, we did some research on the different levels of the sea and the animals that live in them to turn the whole classroom into a display (an ongoing project). All this research into the animals was the start of our science learning for this term on habitats. We are also linking this with our literacy learning on biographies and started with a book called ‘Manfish – A story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne and illustrated by Eric Puybaret. (Published by FSC)

Once we had done this, we came back into the classroom to start our engineering. Many children had opted for an angler fish or a jellyfish but there were also a couple of fireflies. You can see from the photos the work in progress and then the final products.

We also reused our science learning on circuits from the Autumn term to create the light the creatures emit.

We are still working on the ocean habitat in the classroom but have learnt about the difference between the tropics, temperate and cold waters as well as the 5 different depths of the ocean. It is starting to take shape though.

Please enjoy the photos of our days below.

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