Avocets Invade the Saxon Village!

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On Wednesday, we had our school trip to the Anglo-Saxon village at Escot. It was a beautiful, sunny day and there was a lot of learning and fun in store!

First of all, we attacked the maze. The children were able to wander around trying to find their way to the middle quickly. Some were more successful than others but all were able to find their way through before the vikings came over the hill!

Next, we went on a foraging walk, where the Anglo-Saxon healer gave us some advice and tips on how some of the plants could work as remedies and flavouring. Some brave Avocets tried some of the leaves and were surprised to find that they tasted of lemons!

Onward, around the park, we crept past the creature habitats trying to see some of them. In Anglo-Saxon times, these animals roamed freely in our countryside. Luckily for us, one of the wolves came right in front of us and had a good look at us!

Next, those who were brave enough, climbed up and slid down the death slide! Many of the children were far braver than me and slid down, then rushed up for another go!

After lunch, we participated in many activities in the Anglo-Saxon village. These included: wattle and daub, wood craft, black-smithing, baking, coin making, grinding corn, trying on some Saxon clothing or being stuck in the stocks!

Due to the fantastic efforts of all the Avocets and their parents/carers at home, we had some money left over from our cake sale, so the children were surprised with lollies to end a great day.

Many thanks to Mrs Ward and Mr Drake for their help on the day too as well as all the great staff at Escot.

Please enjoy all the photos below.


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