Avocets Horrible Histories trip!

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On Thursday 27th September 2018, Avocets went on their school trip to the Northcott Theatre to Watch Horrible Histories – Terrible Tudors. This was a hook into our new topic of the Tudors, which we will start shortly.

The first half gave us lots of historical facts about Henry VII in particular as he was the first of the Tudor kings. This then led to information about Henry VIII, the second of the Tudor kings and possible the most famous.

During the interval, we were all given some 3D glasses and the second half had many surprises in store with all sorts of effects shooting out into the audience! Splintering wood, fireworks and much more. The most terrifying was the spidery bug that appeared to be thrown out. A lot of screaming at this point (including me…!).

Following the show, we had lunch outside the theatre. It was a lovely summery day. We had some fun doing our best floss whilst wearing the 3D glasses on the step!

Finally, we had a brief walk around Exeter City centre trying to spot some Tudor buildings.

It was a great day and the children were superbly behaved. The 3D effects definitely were a highlight.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without all the support from the cake sale to raise money for the trip. HUGE, HUGE thanks to all of you who baked all those delicious cakes. Many thanks also to the adults who came on the trip to support too.

Please enjoy our photos below.

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