Avocets Egyptian Museum Success!

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On Wednesday afternoon, Avocets put on an Egyptian Museum for parents, family and carers to come and enjoy.

The afternoon started with some performance poetry. The original poem ‘How to be a Pirate’ was adapted to fit into our topic and children needed to choose an Egyptian character to write about. Examples of the chosen characters included: soldiers, gods or goddesses, pharaohs, Anubis and Sekmet. Some children filmed their poems using the green screen and these were shown as performance poetry.

Following this, there were exhibits of the children fabulous work, which included: Literacy – poetry and newspaper reports and Art – watercolour sunsets, pyramid sketches, papyrus paintings and 3D Art – scarab beetles.

Thank you to everyone who came in to support the event. It really is lovely to have you all there to help us celebrate the great work from the children. Huge thanks also to Miss Faulkner, Mrs Ward and Mrs Tremlett for all their help in the classroom to help put on our museum.

Last but by no means least, fantastic work Avocets – what a fabulous bunch of children you are!


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