Avocets Egyptian Museum

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On Thursday afternoon (18th March 2021), Avocets held their Egyptian Museum in the hall. Due to the COVID regulations, we couldn’t invite in people from home so we invited each class to visit the hall in separate bubbles to enjoy all the work.

Most of this work was completed during lock down at home. It was so impressive that I decided that the children deserved an opportunity to showcase their work.

There was: Foil art, research on pyramids, top trumps cards on gods/goddesses, research on homes, Egyptian home models, Egyptian news reports, Egyptian poems, Hossan Dirar art work, cartouches with hieroglyphics on them and collages.

A huge well done to the children in Avocets who contributed to this exhibition as well as all the adults who supported their home learning. I was completely blown away by the effort and dedication to the home learning as well as the quality of the work. The feedback from the rest of the school was amazing so thank you to each class for coming to the museum.

Well done to Miss Fowkes too for all of her hard work delivering the art learning to the children and supporting the learning throughout this term.

Very proud teacher here. You are wonderful children 🙂

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