Avocets as Anglo-Saxons!

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Today, Avocets had a great school trip to Escot, near Honiton for an Anglo-Saxons Day.

We started the day by entering a high hedge maze where the children could run around after our coach journey. It took a few clues and locating a couple of children for all to reach the middle, but it was a good laugh.

This was followed by some learning about working as a blacksmith in the forge, how to make wattle and daub and turning wheat into flour to bake bread using a stone mill. The children were able to have a try at these activities as well as finding themselves in the stocks, trying on some Saxon clothing or playing skittles.

After lunch, we then went foraging on the way to visit some animals that would have been wild when the Anglo-Saxons were in England. We saw wolves, a wild cat, boars and lynx. We then ended up at the drop slide where the children could have a go at this if they wanted to (and Miss Houghton!).

Finally, we went back down to the Saxon village to taste the bread that had been made from the flour ground by the children and were shown how to make pennies. We have got some examples of the pennies and brooches that were made by the children at school if you would like to see them.

It was a fabulous day, run extremely well by the staff at Escot. Thank you! The children were incredibly well behaved too. It was lovely to have some first hand experiences to go alongside all our learning in class.

Well done Avocets!


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