Avocets are ELECTRIC!

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In Avocets yesterday (Tuesday afternoon), we were learning all about electricity and the children were challenged to create a working circuit.

The apparatus they needed was placed on their tables but they were tasked with putting it together independently. At various points the children were given a clue to help them along their scientific journey. Then, one group had a successful ‘light bulb’ moment and were able to make their buzzer sound and their light bulb light up! This group then gave some advice to the rest of the class in order to help the other groups reach their goal too. Before we knew it, buzzers and light bulbs were going off everywhere!

We then discussed what we had learnt about electricity and circuits and what needs to happen in order for the circuit to work.

The children showed real perseverance and were true scientists using trial and error to learn from mistakes and to try something else if plan A didn’t work. Well done all!

Please enjoy the photos below.

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