Art Day – 12th February, 2021

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Today is Art day across the whole of Starcross Primary School and after experiencing yet another lockdown, we thought it would be a lovely way to end the half term.

We have been working alongside local artist Simon Ripley, from the Double Elephant print workshop in Exeter. Simon offered to support us with some fun, print making that can be done at home using everyday materials.

We have been overwhelmed with the response from the children working at home today. They have shared their work to our online learning platforms and we have been dazzled with an array of abstract print work. It truly looks amazing!

We had a go at these activities in school today and we think that you will agree, that this work looks fabulous and with a frame will look amazing on any wall in the house. Well done to Starcross Primary School and thank you to Simon Ripley for the inspiration and easy step videos to watch.

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