Antarctic Diaries!

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This term Oystercatchers class have been learning about the Antarctic. We have studied the wildlife, geography and history of the white continent – including the “Heroic Age of Exploration” with the diaries and stories of Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton.

We used the greenscreen app and the iPads to immerse ourselves in an Antarctic environment – either modern, surrounded by penguins, or historical, inserting ourselves into the photographs of Frank Hurley and Herbert Ponting. Our diaries were written in the same way, as either a modern naturalist or a historical explorer, with some of our diaries ending in disaster just like Captain Scott’s!

Our diaries are on display in the classroom surrounding our re-creation of the famous painting, “A Very Gallant Gentleman” by John Charles Dollman (1913)… ask the children about the (sad) story behind the painting!

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