An Egg-cellent Egg-periment in Avocets!

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In our Science lessons, we have been learning about teeth. We looked at the different types of teeth and their purpose as well as a cross-section of a tooth.

Thinking about keeping teeth healthy, we completed an experiment using hard boiled eggs. Our research question was ‘What happens to the eggs (teeth) in the different liquids?’ The children chose 5 different liquids to put their eggs in: Vinegar, Coca Cola, Coke Zero (we were interested to see the difference between the 2 cokes), orange juice and water as a control (no one chose squash). We discussed how to keep the experiment fair and made a prediction about what would happen.Then, over the course of the week, we checked our results by taking the eggs out of the liquids and noting down any changes in the hardness of the shell and the colour. We discussed what was happening and why every day.

At the end of the week, we took any remaining shell of the eggs and cut them in half to see if the inside had changed too. Please ask the children about what happened to the eggs as it was very interesting! The important message we took away from our experimenting though, was to make sure our teeth were cleaned well twice a day!

Please enjoy the slideshow below.



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