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Dear All

I am writing to inform you that on 25th June 2019, the Starcross Primary School Governing Board voted unanimously to commit to a change in status from a Local Authority maintained school, to academy status. The Governing Board also voted unanimously that it is the school’s intent to commit to joining the Estuaries Trust, a brand new trust which the school has been closely involved in developing for a considerable time. The proposed conversion date for the school is Friday, 1st November. The trust will be a two-phase trust, comprising both secondary schools and primary schools.

As part of our consultation process, we are offering all stakeholders an opportunity to communicate any questions or queries that you feel appropriate to us, in order that we can answer these at a special consultation meeting in the new school year.

To that end, please read the explanatory letter below, and please follow the instructions on how you can have your say. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or carer, or simply a member of the local community which we serve. Please send us your emailed questions (or posted if you’d prefer) and the school will address them at the briefing on Thursday, 5th September at 5 p.m.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and it is anticipated that the conversion and co-formation of the multi-academy trust will provide the following positive changes to:

  • Academic and other outcomes for the young people and their families
  • Finance and available funds to impact on our learners
  • School improvement support
  • Access to funding in order to improve facilities
  • “Joined up” opportunities from the ages of 2yrs – 18yrs for all learners, including sixth form
  • Success through sharing of our skills, what we do well, and close collaboration to improve on things that we are working on
  • The amount of enjoyment that everyone takes from learning

The link to the letter is below. Please follow the instructions, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Letter to parents re consultation 26th June 2019

The information gathering phase will be open until the 24th July, and the consultation period will end on the 5th September

Kind Regards

Iannis Ireland

Head Teacher

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