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What a fantastic magic show arranged by the wonderful PTFA on Friday night last week! There were tricks and treats and I have to admit, I’m still wondering where that magic wand disappeared to…


Children from all year groups were treated to the magical talents of Brian Hodge on Friday 1st February. Most surprising were when doves appeared from the magical void as well as a rabbit! Some of the children volunteered to take part in the show too and had their turn at the front. Mr. Ireland also did his part by having his head put into a guillotine but luckily it stayed firmly attached to his neck! The cucumbers weren’t so lucky though…


Crumpets, drinks and sweets were also served by members of the PTFA who continue to generously give their time to plan and support these events. None of this would happen without their hard work and dedication.

Many thanks to all the adults and children who came to the show. Please enjoy the photos below.


Now… where did that wand go?



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