About Our Village

Starcross lies between Exeter and Dawlish on the A379 and is surrounded by arable land on three sides and the river Exe on the fourth. The arable land is primarily owned by the Earl of Devon.

Over the last 25 years, the village has grown threefold, its current inhabitants numbering approximately 1700.

Starcross Village Map - multimap.com

Today, Starcross is very much a commuter village to Exeter comprising a church, primary school, general shop, charity shop, surgery, pharmacy, hairdressers and two public houses. There are many opportunities for sport and leisure activities, including bowls, football, cricket, fishing, sailing and walking as well as many clubs & societies catering for a wide range of interests.

With its passenger-only ferry, the local amenities and the beauty of the Devon Countryside on the doorstep, it’s no wonder really that the number of children in attendance at the school are constantly on the increase. With new houses planned in the future also, it looks as if this trend is set to continue.

Starcross is easily accessible by car or rail from Exeter , and is a passing point for many summer tourists on their way to the local tourist spots of Dawlish, Teignmouth or other Devon holiday destinations. There is a real mix in Starcross of commuters who enjoy the distance from Exeter and the M5 corridor, and local residents whose families stem back for many generations, and who work in agriculture or other form of local business.