About Our School

Mission Statement

Our Aims:

  • To encourage all children to achieve their full potential in a safe, comfortable, happy school, which looks forward and which takes its place in the community
  • To provide confidence, motivation and the highest standards for all from a consistent, united and approachable staff
  • To foster an ethos of respect for all and cooperation
  • To provide resources that enable a wide variety of learning opportunities, and which prepare everyone for the future
  • To equip everyone with the emotional skills to deal with the highest demands and expectations
  • To provide role models for all to aspire to
  • To provide support and a caring environment for all
  • To allow and encourage creativity, care, equality and empathy for others
  • To promote a healthy attitude to everyday life

Our School & Facilities

Hi, and welcome to our school. Starcross Primary School is a lively, warm and successful school situated in the busy estuary town of Starcross . We are extremely popular, and we are constantly seeing more and more parents coming to have a look around our wonderful school. We currently have 194 children on roll at the school.

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Starcross lies between Exeter and Dawlish on the A379 and is surrounded by arable land on three sides and the river Exe on the fourth. The arable land is primarily owned by the Earl of Devon.

More on the village of Starcross.


Starcross Primary School was built in its first form in 1839, using stone from a disused church at Littleham, near Exmouth.

The stone was brought by boat across the river, and transported to the site of the school by horse and cart. One room measuring 51ft x 20ft was built, and this is the building which today holds classes 2,3, and 4. It was separated by a curtain, and had a class either side of it, taught by either the Head Teacher or the one other teacher.

The Head Teacher, or Headmaster as he was then known, lived in a house built of the same stone which now houses the staff room, office, head’s office, and learning support room. The school log tells us that in 1874, there were 47 children on the school roll.

As the village grew, the school did too. By 1850, the school had two teachers, a headmaster, an assembly hall, kitchen, and one class in the original building. Some lessons were taken in the old head’s house too. For the children to play in, there was a large playground and an apple orchard.

In the 1980s, the school developed still further, with the addition of 3 temporary classrooms, and a wood-panelled building. By this time, the headmaster shared his teaching with four other teachers.

In 1996 our lovely school was completed, and these are the buildings you see today. We have come a long way since 1839, with now 189 children on roll, 10 teachers and as many teaching assistants.

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