A Walk of Art

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For our open afternoon last week, each class had on display some of the Art they have been looking at this term.

Sandpipers had produced three lovely mixed media pieces of art that showed ‘changing environments.’ These are currently on display by their classroom above the radiator.

Kittiwakes had produced some lovely 3d sea creatures made from mod rock that are in the main learning area.

Curlews linked their art with their Science learning and made some bright and colourful habitats in shoe boxes! They are really lovely and are outside their classroom if you haven’t seen them yet.

Oystercatchers made some wonderful clay models of Stonehenge.

Avocets also linked their work with their Science and made some 3d portrayals of habitat destruction from both man-made and natural factors.

Razorbills created some lovely watercolour art based on their school trip through Haldon Woods.

Puffins have been looking at the graffiti artist Banksy and produced their own versions of graffiti in his style. Some wonderful pieces of art here too!

All in all, it was great to see such a variety of artwork, all linked in with the theme of ‘The Environment.’

Well done all!


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