A Science afternoon in Avocets!

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Our Science topic at the moment is States of Matter, which involves looking at solids, liquids and gases and learning about the similarities and differences between them. Also, the process of how one can change into the other with certain conditions.

The afternoon started with the scientists learning what a solid, liquid and gas are. Following this, the class split into three groups: 1 group started by sorting solids, liquids and gases and had a look at a cornflour mixture (Is it a solid or a liquid?), 1 group learnt about the particles in each of the states and 1 group learnt about reversible and irreversible changes.

Then, at the end of the afternoon, we finished with the experiment ‘Who has the warmest hands?’ by looking at the process of melting… a solid turning into a liquid. What better way to do this experiment than with chocolate! We made sure our hands were clean first, thought about fair testing by keeping our hands above the table (so we couldn’t use friction to warm them up), discussed the way to hold the chocolate so it was all the same and picked up the chocolate at the same time.

Thanks to Miss Faulkner and Mrs Ward for their contributions to the afternoon and to Avocets for being such brilliant Scientists!

Please enjoy the photos below:

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